Ilyana has a propensity for creating and abandoning blogs and other types of online accounts. It is an exhausting habit, but one that is so hard to break considering it is a reflection of her life-long dissatisfaction with her inability to adequately self-express.

As she speaks in third person, she describes herself as both self-deprecating and pretentious. She is lost somewhere between young adult in a popular John Green novel and responsible adult in dreaded letters from cell phone networks and banks. Her current peg in life is Peter Pan. But she doesn’t look quite as fabulous in green.


Once upon a time, I watched this movie starring Audrey Hepburn. No, it wasn’t Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you Blair Waldorf wannabe. In Funny Face, Hepburn plays pretty bookstore salesgirl, Jo Stockton. She dreams of going to Paris to learn about the fictitious philosophical idea of empathicalism. Essentially, the philosophy’s all about empathy or as Jo would say, “to project your imagination so to actually feel what the other person is feeling.” There’s no particular reason why I chose it as the title of my blog, other than the fact that it sounded cool. I suppose, I also have a lot of feelings.

Feelings - Mean Girls

I don’t know. What kind of answer were you expecting?

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